Deepening rift; Coleen Rooney ‘escapes’ the US over her husband’s love for the bottle

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Coleen Rooney was spotted apparently fleeing the US with her children following husband Wayne’s ‘s latest drunken antics.It was said that Coleen, who shares four sons with the footballer, forgave him over a romantic Valentine’s Day meal.

But today, she appeared to be leaving America as she was spotted outside Washington’s Ronald Reagan National Airport with her kids, and a lot of luggage.

In picture obtained by Media in the US, showed Coleen dressed casually in a cream T-shirt and sweat pants as she makes her way into the airport with Kai, nine, Klay, five, Kit, three, and one-year-old Cass.

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She was also with her parents, Tony and Colette McLoughlin, who had flown out to be with their daughter.It’s not clear where the family were headed, but Wayne was not with them.

However, a source told the media that Coleen had been planning to take the kids on a trip while her husband concentrated on his training for team DC United.

The source said: “She sees no reason to change her plans and disappoint the kids by calling off a holiday because he’s been an idiot again.

“It might do Wayne good to be alone so he can think about what he puts at risk every time he does something like this.”

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The latest troubles in their marriage came last weekend when Wayne partied with a barmaid in Florida.But it’s said that Coleen has forgiven him once again.

“They had a nice Valentine’s Day evening together,” a source told a section of media.

“Coleen’s calmed down and she wants to move on and get their family life back on track.”It’s partly for the sake of her sons but also she feels they’ve been through too much together for her to walk away now and she loves him.”

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