Bahati finally speaks out

The mama hit maker, Bahati, has faced a number of accusation which he has been silent about. It started after Mr. Seed quit which was said to have been caused by a disrespect action to Mr. Seed’s wife from Bahati’s wife. Later on another gospel artist, Weezdom made a quit from Bahati’s EMB record due to being disrespected by Bahati’s wife, Dian Marua. David Wonder, a gospel artist who was also Under EMB records made a quit.

As if that was not all, M4J also came accusing Bahati of having conned him money after branding him t-shirts for his concert.

Bahati has been all silent, he has never confirmed the allegations against him to be true or false, but has now decided to speak out;

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Dear Fellow Christians. Thought I should Share this for the people who in One Way or the Other are Praying God to Expand their Ministries. (LESSON) When God Calls you or gives a Burden for any Ministry You Become A LIVING SACRIFICE (Romans 12:2) Meaning God Must Use you as a SACRIFICE to SHOW OFF Later about HIS GREATNESS. So Don't doubt God No Matter the Situation – Just One Lesson for Today (The Rest I'll Share on a different Day when God Wills) – When God Calls; Kwanza Lazima Ujue kufunga Mdomo juu Hauwezi Jiongelelea Na MUNGU Aongee 🙂 THEN you must be KEEN in the Spirit to Listen unto #HisVOICE.. not to be Confused by the NOISE of the People 🙏 #BahatiSaturdaySermon #LivingSacrifice #NeverSeenAgreatYearLike2019 #WithGodYouCarelessCozYouKnowtheEnd 🙂

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His manager Kioko who is also his elder brother announced on Saturday that he is no longer working with Bahati or his record label EMB

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