What killed caroline Mwatha? Here is the autopsy report

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A post-mortem examination has been conducted on Caroline Mwatha’s body to reveal the cause of her death.

Peter Ndegwa, the Independent Pathologist said on Thursday evening that Mwatha died of excessive bleeding from a ruptured uterus. He goes on to say that Ms Mwatha had a male fetus of five to six months still inside her womb, but which is mutilated, one hand is missing and the skull badly injured.

“The uterus was perforated at the backside. There was an attempt to dismember the foetus because one hand was missing and part of the skull was injured,” Dr Ndegwa said.


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The examination report also indicated that apart from needle marks which showed some medical intervention, she did not have any other physical injury on the body or any signs of struggle but she had internal bleeding and external bleeding, the pathologist said.

Dr Ndegwa said the injury on her neck was due to an embalming procedure at the City Mortuary, where she was booked as a private citizen.

Conclusive Evidence

The pathologist went on and said that despite the examination being conclusive, it is the task of the investigators to investigate and find the reason behind her death.

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