Vera brags about her Valentine’s day to lonely Otile

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Valentine’s day in Otile Brown’s life must have been a quiet affair. His last post on Instagram  dates back three days ago. Could he be one of the performers who graced the stage at the men’s conference 2019?

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However, his ex-bae, Vera Sidika is not keeping calm about her Valentine’s day. She showed off the gifts she got from her new boo including a rose, champagne and some chocolates in a love heart box. She wasted no time in reminding us who she is by bragging that she had an all-night video call with her mystery bae.

Vera flaunted on Instagram, “Time difference got bae staying up just so he could video call me all night.”

She added that, “Distance maybe crazy but my heart always there with you. Happy Valentine’s day pumpkin. Can’t wait for baecation.”


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