“I’m focusing on new look,” Wyre says after releasing ‘gospel’ song

Kenyan artiste Wyre aka The Love Child is one man who captures the hearts of many women and Reggae fans.

Yesterday during a radio interview, Wyre  explained that he has been missing in the music game and Kenya at large because he has been traveling a lot trying to rebrand.

He stated, “I’ve been traveling and trying to rebrand working on new content and you can tell from my latest release which was a week ago”

He also added  that he wants to rebrand his sound, “RE BRAND in terms of sound. I prefer being a trend setter. I felt I was burning out creatively.

Wyre has been in the music game for 23 years. In those years, the one moment that makes him happy now but was such an embarrassing moment were two hilarious experiences.

“I got too close to the crowd and there two fans who were too excited and decided they are going to grab my trousers. if it wasn’t for security, it would have been a disaster”

He narrated the second experience saying, “I was performing with Ian at miss tourism and the stage was covered with a carpet. the edge was lifted and I was doing one of my signature moves and it backfired, but Ian came through and did the same so it looked like it was planned”

Wyre made the conscious decision to join music right after seeing Micheal Jackson on stage.

But he also credits his love for music to his musical background. His uncle was a Mugithi bigwig and one shocking reveal exclusively on Breakfast With The Stars is that he is MDQ’s cousin. So it is a family full of musicians.

So having understood his new musical side, he went looking The Supremacy Riddim that he desperately wanted to voice. His hard work paid off.

The new song, mo’Wanilinda’ is just about Wyre thanking God, and that he has not decided to jump into the gospel train.

Below is his latest song video.

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