How the men’s conference went down, venue revealed


The super-hyped men’s conference finally happened yesterday.

Sources privy to Daily Active reveal that the meeting happened all over the world and convened over 6 million men, thanks to the internet.

Prior to the conference, the program was released to all the interested attendee’s.

The program for the men’s conference

From different parts of the world, Men started storming in

In Zambia, men were not left behind

Former US President Obama too went,

Obama arriving at the conference

Upon Arriving, the guests were given badges.

A guest, Nicholas Waititu was among the attendants

And then, there were hymns \

Heavy rains could not stop this man from South Africa


Men taking seats

When the men arrived, they began taking seats. As seen from the above picture, the meeting was very orderly.

The stage was all lit

Shortly after, you could not get an empty seat.

There was actually a choir to lead in hymns

And then, there came the lunch. Meat was in plenty


While the men were having conference, the boys too had their own

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