‘EMB is a ministry’ Bahati says

Bahati has been making headlines on the wrong way since the beginning of year 2019. It started with Mr. Seed making a quit from EMB records which is related to  disrespectful act which happened between Diana, Bahati’s wife and Nimo, Mr. Seed’s wife. It was then followed another exit from Weezdom and later David Wonder. Clay has recently also accused Bahati of conning him his money which he is yet to pay.

Bahati has spoken and said that EMB is just a ministry and not a money making business; ” EMB entertainment is a business which wants to raise people, actually, it’s more of a ministry because it doesn’t make money from the artistes. So if money is not involved you cannot fall out with anyone. We are still building and its time for another artiste to be signed.I can say this confidently, God has given me the grace to uplift others. To support a new artiste, you need to pump in money, to make a good video you need money. At that time when an artiste is starting out you cannot make it a business, you need a good heart for your artist to prosper.”

Asked about Weezdom exit, he says; ”Weezdom wasn’t signed officially, Weezdom is a friend, I have a fatherly spirit.” He insists that all he is up to is signing in new artists.

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