Like a real Luo, poor Obado can only access destinations through chattering flights

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In unforeseen court come back, embattled Migori Governor Okoth Obado took to court on Thursday to appeal order given by Justice Jessy Wanjiku Lessit in restriction of his movements as bail terms.

The court ordered that Obado should not go within 20km of Homa Bay-Migori boundary. This is where the murder of Sharon Otieno, which he is accused of, took place.

However, Obado has argued that as a governor, his work involves travelling and shuttling mostly between Nairobi and Migori Town where his official residence and office are situated.

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He further argued that the restriction means he can’t serve a significant number of his constituents located close to the five-border neighbouring Migori County.

“As such it is impracticable for the accused to effectively discharge the constitutional mandate as the Governor of Migori County,” the application reads.

He further argued that the only mode of travelling to Nairobi from Migori town without violating the 20-kilometer perimeter rule forces him to incur heavy costs.

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According to Obado, the only options available involve him chattering a flight or spend six hours longer if he travels by road.

This is because the Kisii-Suneka-Rongo route goes through the restricted zone forcing him to travel through the Trans Mara route which is longer.

“The Trans Mara Road also has a very rough terrain, making it extremely uncomfortable and torturous to travel on the road,” Obado adds.

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