Sad infant fatal results of Nairobi county workers strike

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Collateral damage is the worst case scenario in fairness protests which sometimes involve huge sacrifices.

The Nairobi County workers strike on Wednesday had some damaging effects for a number of county residents most notably a woman that took her dead child to the morgue only to find the attendants missing.

Immaculate Auma found herself in a desperate situation where she had to hold the body of her dead six-month-old son in her arms even as she wept.

The mother had taken the child for treatment for pneumonia at the Mbagathi Hospital but he, unfortunately, passed away.

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The grandmother of the infant, Liner Atienodisclosed that the child died while being treated by a doctor at the facility.

She added that the doctor who was treating the child before he died was also reluctant to help admit the body into the morgue.

“He referred us to the nearby Kenyatta police post to collect an OB number,” Atieno indicated

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Speaking to reporters, Auma indicated, “I have brought the body to the morgue and I have been waiting for the last two hours.”

She conveyed that she found the morgue offices locked and there was no one to attend to her.

Luckily, some media personalities and human rights activists intervened compelling available hospital personnel to attend to the woman.

The county workers’ strike entered Day Two on Wednesday despite efforts of Governor Sonko to ensure the employees get back to work.

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