Reasons why Arsenal may have an easy time in Borisov

Alexander Hleb has admitted Arsenal will benefit from BATE Borisov’s condition of not playing since December when the two sides meet on Thursday 13th.

Borisov plays the hosts to the Premier League side and Hleb says his side will not be at its best heading to the clash as they’ve not played a competitive fixture since December.

“Arsenal are at the peak of readiness – for them, this is a huge plus. It will be hard for us, and very much so. But we will try to squeeze the maximum out of the physical form that we have gained,” Hleb told Pressball, a leading sports newspaper in Belarus.

“The usual preparation is underway. We held a training camp in Turkey and got into shape, as far as possible at the current stage. It is clear that we did not achieve ideal conditions in such a short time. But we will try to look decent at home.”

“We are not yet ready (to play at) 100 percent, but the coaching staff decided not to force anything – realizing that the guys had to rest after a hard season. And now we are working – in general, everything is according to plan.”

The 37-year-old made 130 appearances for Arsenal between 2005 and 2008.

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