Mshenzi activist now after governor Kinyanjui demanding his arrest

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Lee Kinyanjui

Recall when Kalenjins demanded an apology from Governor Lee Kinyanjui over sentiments of Kikuyu being ‘mistreated’ in UasinGishu County?

Kinyanjui, during the homecoming of Bahati MP Kimani Kiunjuri last year, told Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago to “accommodate hawkers the way Kalenjins are being hosted in Nakuru county.”

In a statement, he said that he stands by his remarks adding that the issues he raised should not be ignored but solved through dialogue.

But former Kuresoi MP James Koske said the governor seems confused about the role he was elected for.

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Well Kinyanjui did not hesitate to demonstrate yet again his confusion in election role as he managed to irk Kenyans after allegations that he was responsible for the mess that involved over 41 street children being dumped at Chemususu Forest in Baringo after being deported from Nakuru.

Bahati MP  Kimani Ngunjiri has now called for immediate arrest and prosecution of Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui and his staff after county enforcement officers dumped the street children in Baringo.

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Kimani Ngunjiri

Speaking at Jomec Rehabilitation Centre in Nakuru where he visited some of the rescued children, he said the governor was fully aware of the matter despite issuing a statement claiming  otherwise.

Ngunjiri threatened to hold a demonstration in the county next week if those responsible will not have been arrested adding that it was inhumane for the county to treat the homeless children in such a manner. He bashed human rights groups in Kenya for  being silent in the matter.

Do you agree that Kinyanjui should be arrested?

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