KCB Heist suspects arraigned in court over grand theft

Kenya Commercial Bank is slowly dragging their name into the gutter. Theft cases of the bank have been on the rise in the recent years. Bank employees shut down security cameras before Sh21 million was stolen from the strong room, a court heard yesterday.

The manager told the court that Mativo was captured disconnecting the CCTV while holding the bank vault keys.“The CCTV revealed that the second accused opened the door to the first accused to exit. The cameras captured the person disconnecting it and it later went blank,” he told the magistrate.
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Defence lawyers Duncan Mwanyumba, Kevin Muchiri and Shedrack Mwinzi told Wundanyi Senior Resident Magistrate David Ndungi that they had not been supplied with the CCTV footage for verification.  “The prosecution has not provided us with the CCTV images. The prosecution witness statement did not show the review of the footage,” said Mr Mwinzi. The prosecution, led by Jethron Okumu, told the court that the CCTV images could only be provided by an expert who was on official duty. The hearing resumes on March 19.

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