Adelle Onyango drafts special message to legendary musician Suzanna Owiyo

Radio Queen Adelle Onyango has today drafted a special message to the legendary musician Suzanna Owiyo.

Adelle says that she was introduced to her music by her late mum and she would listen to her songs on repeat mode.

She also thanked her for  her support toward her mum’s breast cancer advocacy work.

Adelle narrates how beautiful it was to to hear masterpieces made from their  language and  instruments!.

Suzanne Owiyo is a phenomenal woman and beyond her music she has taken up roles and initiatives aimed at transforming the society.

She is the real definition of women who  make the world a better place.

Suzanne is also a celebrated musician and this message from Adelle has wowed the hearts of many.

Have a look at her post



I got to kick it with @suzannaowiyo today! ⁣

My late mum introduced me to her music – she bought me her album and I’d play Sandore and Kisumu100 on repeat while dancing in front of the mirror ? It felt so good to hear masterpieces made from our language and our instruments! ⁣

I’m so thankful Suzanna for the help you gave my late mum in her breast cancer advocacy work and that you were and continue to be #UnapologeticallyAfrican!

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