Amina to Introduce New National Exam System

The state has a plan of introducing another system of examination that will concur with the new 2-6-3-3 curriculum.

The Education Ministry’s plan to restructure the system is outlined in a policy paper that is expected to be tabled in the house on Tuesday when the members of parliament resume their sittings.

According to the ministry the exam council needs to adopt a system that will asses students depending on their creativity, development entrepreneurial skills and self-reliance.

In this system, students will be assessed on competencies and skills rather than relying on exams.

The ministry argues that the current system does not provide an adequate measure on students’ abilities thereby, denying other learners the opportunity to express their capabilities.

“The current system of summative assessment at the end of the various cycles, together with the limited availability of student places at secondary and higher education level dictates the teaching /learning process towards examinations as opposed to assessment of the attainment of skills and competencies,” the document reads.

The new system will allow the council track the performance of learners throughout their education using a system in place called ‘National Education Management Information System.’

In January, the government introduced a 2-6-3-3 curiculum countrywide.

Under this curiculum, Grade 1-9 will mean primary school and Grade 10-12 will mean secondary school.

CS Amina had pushed the full implementation of the curiculum up to 2020 from the earlier schedule by Matiang’i while he was still the CS of Education.

Amina later on repealed the decision to allow for its implementation this year.


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