Why Tanzania will continue to ‘Tetema’ East Africa Music Scene

With the recent success of Tetema which was released on February 6th and hits 1 Million Views in 17 hours  on YouTube. This is not the first time , you are familiar with hits like Paranawe, Katika , Chombo , and the well known Kwangaru.

Following recent debate which saw Radio Presenters, DJ’s grilled by our own Kenyan Musicians for not pushing more Kenyan content out there and mostly focusing on outside content mostly Nigerian or Tanzanian music where we do not even sometimes get airplay in their Countries as we are here busy playing their music over and over. Artist argued that more needs to be done by those who have the power over media.But what really is the problem,is it Kenyans  who like outside music more , because rarely will you not see a Tanzanian song even released on Friday morning and failing to be played in any Kenyan entertainment joint frequented by revellers.


Well the debate on why it is so popular never ends. At a forum during Kenya Music Week last year at Sarit Centre, Muthoni Ndong’a better known as Muthoni Drama Queen stated that most of Tanzanian artistes are being funded by drug barons who invest in their music and end up owning them. The Kenyan music industry is still tied to the constant debate, about whether artists are producing shit songs or it’s the DJs who are not playing local content but instead forcing into our ears too much of foreign content.

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