Ni bibi wa bahati! How Bahati’s Wife Made Weezdom Quit EMB Records!

Bahati is one of the most successful gospel artists in the country. There’s no denying that. Indeed, his series of successful hits catapulted him to stardom, and he is now riding high with his own reality show!

But behind the positive limelight that Bahati shares together with wife Diana Marua, it seems that not all that glitters is gold.

Especially when it comes to all the mishandlings and scandals with his record label EMB.

Weezdom, who was the first artist that Bahati signed to EMB records, has decided to leave the mothership and go it on his own.

Weezdom bitterly describes how some of the fantastic ideas he had hoped to execute with Bahati were destroyed the second Bahati married Kenyan beauty Diana Marua.

According to Weezdom, the dynamics of their friendship changed once Diana entered the picture. At the time, Weezdom was residing at Bahati’s premises.

But once Diana stepped in, Bahati became insecure and more hostile towards Weezdom’s presence in his home.

Sensing the hostility, Weezdom decided it would be best to leave the home primarily because of the respect he had for his friend and colleague Bahati.

Interestingly, those are not the only woes that EMB is facing!

Mr Seed also quit EMB after mistreatment of his pregnant fiance, Nimo Gachuri, who was forcefully removed from a concert held by Bahati.

If that’s not enough, David Wonder has also revealed that he is exiting from EMB to further his career as a solo artist.

In a brief statement, David Wonder informed the public that there are many issues he would like to talk about concerning his time at EMB, but has opted to exit the record label and build his brand as David Wonder.

In fact, the singer has even deleted photos of his association with EMB record label, and changed his name to David Wonder KE.

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