Brown Mauzo back to the game after suicide claims

Brown Mauzo releases his new hit after his suicide mission failed.

A few weeks ago Brown Mauzo tried to take his own life but was rescued on which he said he found himself in hospital. He refuted the claims saying that the love of her life left him and he lost hope in life.

Speaking to Mzazi, he said the ex-lover went without saying anything and it drained the energy that made him collapse.

The artist, however, has come out strong with a new hit ‘mawazo’

The new song points out his last relationship and how he wishes the lady could understand him or even try to reason with him.

“Sijakataa ila nitatubu nini wala kosa silijui, nishadata, kwake nishadata. Mwambie ye ndo teusi, sitaki kunguu weusi, kutorandaa kwa majalaa, acha nitoe mawazo, acha nifute machozi.” says part of his song.

Check out the whole video;

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