Yet Another Gospel Singer Ditches Bahati’s EMB Record

The recent massive exodus from gospel artist Kevin Bahati’s EMB record label leaves the public with many questions that answers about Bahati’s conduct.

The recent departure of young gospel singer Weezdom has made the situation even worse with the artist revealing unpleasant details of what transpired.

Weezdom was signed by Bahati about two years ago and has quickly departed citing that the relationship was good until the arrival of Diana Marua.

“Tulikuwa na mipango mingi sana ya kikazi na Bahati lakini nadhani vile Diana alikuja into the picture alikuwa insecure na mimi so mipango yote ikaisha. Alifanya kakangu (Bahati), akabadilika kunihusu kikazi, kuishi, kiurafiki na nikawa na mazingira magumu” revealed Weezdom.

Weezdom revealed again that before Bahati married Diana, he had lived with in his house for about three years when Bahati rescued him from streets and introduced him to music.

He later left the house for the sake of respect he had for his mentor Bahati.

Weezdom’s revelation comes few days after Mr Seed also called it a quit when his fiance was sent away from Bahati’s concert.

Another artist David Wonder also confirmed his departure and said that he was going to work as a solo singer.

“Kuna vitu mingi siwezi kuongelea lakini kuna vile tulipewa freedom Mkurugenzi akatuambia mimi nimewalea mwenye atataka kutoka atoke mwenye anataka kukaa akae so mimi nikaona nichukue hii opportunity kumake the brand David Wonder,” confirmed David Wonder.

David Wonder recently deleted all pictures related to EMB and went ahead to change his name from David Wonder EMB to David Wonder KE.

Bahati has not given details regarding the massive exodus from his EMB records.

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