“Gikomba Fire is an annual event. We’re soon going to include it on our calendars!” Says ‘William Ruto’

Another Gikomba fire…*sigh*

Another day for the common ‘mwnanachi’ to count their losses in this tough economic environment.

Just imagine it.

What would you do if you found your stall burnt to a crisp, knowing that you have 5 mouths to feed?

Sadly, this is the terrible fate that many Kenyans woke up to today!

In response, the ‘so-called’ vice president took to Twitter to comment on the situation. As usual, the proverbial air of sarcasm was prevalent in his comment!

Not knowing that this was a fake account, some netizens did not take to the tweet lightly. Here is one individual that went all guns blazing at the ‘vice president.’

Yes, Kenyans were mad! Here is another netizen that took his grievances directly to Weston Hotel and even attacked the ‘vice president’s’ intellect!

Fake Account

Unfortunately for those who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, they had no idea this particular tweet was the work of an internet troll.

For those that did, however, they had a good laugh.

And here is another netizen who enjoyed the dark humor from the ‘vice president.’

Rumour has it that the fake account is run by none other than Eric Omondi.





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