drama alert! Pendo’s engagement was a scam

We all fell for Pendo’s engagement to her mzungu, Joseph Kner late last year after she shared photos flaunting  her engagement ring. Who would ever think that it was stage managed?

The mzungu has cleared the air in an interview where he has revealed that he met Pendo on Instagram and upon visiting Kenya, he asked her to ‘work’ with him.

The engagement was a way of attracting the attention of his Kenyan baby mama and daughter he hadn’t seen for sometime; ”I saw her profile on Instagram and then added her. Funny she was the one who sent me a message first and we talked on WhatsApp. She showed interest in me and told her I would be visiting Kenya to solve a problem I had concerning my daughter.”


He goes ahead to explain; ”I hadn’t seen her for a year because her mom was hiding her and that’s because she got deported out of Norway for false accusations she made against me. I explained to Pendo that I needed to get the attention of my daughter’s mom from whom I had separated. I also added the only thing she feared was that I would go public with the separation story.

So I proposed to Pendo a deal for a certain Payment which she would share With her Boss Janet Mwaluda from Nairobi Diaries. Janet needed to be paid as per Pendo’s instructions. The payment was roughly over Sh250,000. We agreed I would play the role of her future fiancee which would be a headline in Nairobi Diaries show and just like that, I was convinced that the mother of my daughter would hear this and contact me. The plan worked and she came out of hiding and contacted me as soon as the proposal video went viral.”

Pendo denies the mzungu’s allegations that the engagement was not real; ”ooooh God…no!!. Nothing was scripted.” She insists that the mzungu broke up with her and that what she is trying to heal; ”I went through a heartbreak. I worked my mind off to get over the pain.”

Was it a real engagement which ended to a break up or was it stage managed?



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