Major win for lawyer Tom Ojienda

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Tom Ojienda

Power in Kenya is not only sort in political seats but its crossing over to the court rooms as well.City lawyer Tom Ojienda has bagged a major win at the Court of Appeal after an order was served to compel KRA to Issue him a Tax Compliance Certificate.

The lawyer, who is also a professor and member of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) will hence be able to contest in the JSC elections as a result.

A review of the case shows that KRAs application, if successful, would have barred Ojienda from running for JSC elections.

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Ojienda had been under probes involving a multimillion tax fraud claims that have lasted for years.

At some point, the investigations even uncovered the existence of irregularities within KRA.

In December 2018, Ojienda was also arrested by DCI officials in relation to Mumias sugar scandal.

Such followed the establishment of a suit by the LSK for purposes of baring the lawyer from contesting in the JSC elections.

Soon after that sui was filed with the involvement of famous lawyer Paul Muite, Professor Ojienda was able to obtain orders that prohibited his prosecution on grounds of unpaid taxes.

The KRA was barred from inititing any criminal proceedings against the lawyer.

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