Bahati joins daughter in school

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After enrolling his daughter in one of the most prestigious schools in Kenya,  Bahati is  now looking to go back to school.

While speaking in an interview Bahati revealed plans to go back to school pointing at Strathmore Business School which is one of the most expensive universities in Kenya.

“After God blessed me with a company and amenifanya CEO, I have to go back to school. Lazima nijue a lot sana. Kama saa hii nafaa kujoin Strathmore in a few days nianze course yangu ya Management and Business. Because I am also a businessman,” he said on Mambo Mseto.

The 25-year-old singer shared his dream of becoming a billionaire by 30 by investing heavily in music and in real estate which will supplement his income as a musician.

“I want to be a billionaire by 30 because we have been in a situation where no one valued our music and no one believed that you could be rich through music. That is why I am tapping into things people haven’t tried before. I dared to launch a record label when it was viewed as non-profitable. I want to try new things and with that, get more knowledge. As I work on music I am also dealing with property,” he said.

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