Why Lisa Gaitho was kicked out after bathing her hubby

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A couple of months ago vlogger Lisa Gaitho was under attack after she asked  women to take care of their men but what really had people talking is the fact that she asked them to go as far as washing their significant others.

Lasted news in town is that  Ms Gaitho is single and celibate,who could think she would end her relationship  after numerous advice she was giving women.

Was Lisa preaching water and drinking wine?

Taking to Youtube, she explained that she ended the relationship last year and moved back to Nairobi from Nigeria.

“I was praying and fasting around October, September last year; you know when you hear something so clearly like you cannot even doubt it? That is what it was. It was telling me no, this is not the relationship that I have for you. It may look perfect, good and you may be seeing through those tinted glasses but this is what I have for you,” she said in her two part video.

She also explains that it took her time to realize that she was actually treating the “man” in her life as an “idol”.

“When I was reading the Bible, the story of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego, God showed me that bowing down is not just to the king. It’s compromising…And I said if I have sex and ignore what God is saying I would be bowing down to my idol and at this time, this man had become my idol,” said Gaitho.

Watch the video were she announced she is single and celibate

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