Woes befall Migori traders

Yesterday a notice was released by Migori County Government, the administration has set up strict measures to ambolish any constructions found built on Migori-Isibania highway in an attempt to decongest the town.

“To decongest Migori Town and create more space for motorists and pedestrians on Migori-Isibania highway, the county government will on Monday demolish all structures illegally erected on the road reserves,” the notice reads. traders have until February 4 to adhere with the set rules.

Moses Kivanda a County officer in the region said ” Most traders have encroached the road reserve along the highway leading to traffic snarl-ups and road accidents.”

The news has been a shocker to traders and according to one Mr. Martin Onyango, he lamented ,”We do not know where the county government would like us to go. Why didn’t they give us at least one month notice to enable us plan our affairs?”

The traders have thus requested their Governor Okoth Obado to give them an alternative locaton. “We call upon the government to relocate us to a better place so as to continue earning our livelihoods,” Ms Mary Owino said.

With only a month into the new year, and traders trying to ensure ends meet, they have thus opposed the directive saying their sources of income will be affected.

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