Sassy radio Kiss 100 presenter hands in her resignation

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Growth and change is part of life that we cannot resist nor should we run away from because its all part of the sytem of life that prepares us for the different phases of life.

Careers are some of the transitions many boldly go through.A radio personnality loved by many of her fans has decided to call it quits after her long service.

Sources from the Radio Africa-owned station whispered to reporters that presenter Adelle Onyango tendered her resignation letter and is servingher notice that will end in March.

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She is reportedly headed to the NGO world after recently launching her very own initiative dubbed “Unapologetically African.”

The source further intimated that the management had tried to woo her into staying at the station but she flat out refused the offer.

The celebrated presenter launched her initiative with the aim of giving opportunities to the youth and women in Kenya.

The initiative is centred around empowering the youth, ensuring proper mental health and gender equality.

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