Victims of snake bites line up in lament of compensation failure by KWS

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The High Court has on Thursday awarded Sh31.9 million to the family of a Chinese woman who was killed by a hippo while holidaying at the Lake Naivasha Country Club in 2013.

Ever since our very own homeland victim of KWS wrecklessness have comeout to tell their devastating story of circles in compensation pursuit after snake bites harming and even killing their loved ones.

Section 62 of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, 2013 provides that a person who suffers any bodily injury from or is killed by any animal, the person injured or in the case of a deceased person, any other person who was dependent upon him at the date of his death may make application to a district committee seeking compensation for injury or death.

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Culumbunus Maliga is the father to the late Victor Maliga. The boy was  bitten on his way from fetching water in their Murende Village, Matayos Constituency in 2015.Autopsy was done and the doctor discovered he died after being attacked by the snake.

Four years down the line Mr Maliga is yet to get compensated.“I have not received any communication from KWS office for the last four years, what we want is compensation,” said Maliga.

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John Barasa is also another victim of snake bite. He was attacked by the serpent on his left leg at around 7pm on his way home from Victor Maliga’s funeral.He was taken to the hospital by his family and survived.

Barasa claims he met one of the KWS officers in Kakamega who took him through steps to follow before he is compensated. He filled the form and returned as he was told.

“We have been asking for compensation but KWS is telling us to wait as they were processing money,” said Barasa.

Do you think KWS is dodging the compenstion of this victims deliberately?

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