The harsh consequences of Kivutha defying Kalonzo explodes on wiper party

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Kivutha Kibwana has made a shocking announcement days after Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka held a meeting in his Yatta home with wiper party officials, excluding the county boss.

Kivutha has pulled a Murathe move on Kalonzo Musyoka by resigning as the chair of Wiper Democratic party due to frustrations he has apparently been experiencing in their union with Kalonzo in the party killing his development genda.

It is alleged that in the meeting where Kivutha was excluded, some of the wiper officials demanded that they Makueni Governor’s position as party chair citing that Kivutha was publicly defying the wiper leader.

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Kivutha later, while explaining his absence in the meeting, revealed that he did not attend the meeting since he was not invited.

He also claimed that he would not bow down to the wiper leadership’s demands to subscribe to their narratives.

“I’ll not attend that meeting because I wasn’t invited, but if Wiper leadership thinks they can intimidate us into supporting a certain political narrative, they are deeply mistaken because Kenya has changed and grown in democracy terms,” he told journalists.

Kivutha also cited the Wiper leadership’s failure to practise democracy as part of the reason he was leaving and added that he had tried to be patient enough.

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