How snake bite victims are dying due to lack of anti-venom at the hospital

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Its a sa recalling to Zachary Okello, who lost a wife to a snake bite and has followed due process as required by law in seeking compensation for the loss from KWS all to no avail years later

His wife Judith Nabwire was bitten by a snake along the road in Esirimba, Matayos Constituency in February 2016.

She was rushed to Busia County Referral for treatment but there was no anti-venom at the hospital and she eventually died.

Okello said he will not tire in his quest to get compensation for the loss of his wife.

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“My wife left me with children, feeding them and paying school fees has remained an uphill task for me I hope the Government will listen to our pleas,” Okello maintained.

He wants Government to equip public hospitals with anti-venom drugs to avoid cases of people dieying due to lack of treatment occasioned by unavailability of the drugs.

Brian Kisiangani, a KWS warden, said they received a number of claims from Busia arising from snake bite and crocodile attacks.

Victims of the attacks and relatives of the deceased he said took the form which were filled and returned.“We did our part as KWS officers by taking the forms to the ministry and are now with the treasury. We would like to see those people compensated so we are following up,” said Kisiangani.

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