Wetangula’s simple spelling mistake lands him in trouble

Bungoma Senator, Moses Wetangula has been on the receiving end of a storm on Twitter over his comments about former Attorney General Charles Njonjo.

Following the backlash, he was forced to apologize for comparing Njonjo with the former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe.

“Sorry to Mzee Charles Njonjo. I meant Mugane which is his mid-name and not “Mugabe” which isn’t!,” read Wetangula’s apology.

Njonjo is the only surviving member of the first cabinet of the country under the leadership of the late former President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

On his birthday message to the ex-AG, the senator had replaced Njonjo’s middle name, ‘Mutane’, with ‘Mugabe’, which brewed the storm among netizens.

“Happy birthday Mzee Charles Mugabe Njonjo. Congratulations for turning 99. I read about you when I was a kid and grew up to be not only a professional colleague but also a friend. May you live to blow more candles,” read Wetangula’s tweet.

The people believed that the senator aimed to liken Njonjo to Mugabe since the ex-president has lived many years similar to Njonjo.

He apologized for the matter on Sunday albeit he made the mistake on Friday.

The sharp criticism of the senator by netizens had began soon after he established the post and continued for the two days. However, some were empathetic that he did not make the mistake deliberately.

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The action left many people on the social networking site wondering how a seasoned lawyer like Wetangula could make such a typo.

Some claimed that he had deliberately decided to make fun of Njonjo with the intent of causing malice.

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Others were concerned why the senator’s message was also two days late after the Wednesday birthday.

The Senator seemed to have forgotten that Kenyans are usually attentive to details, especially on social media.

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