Revealed : How Much Diamond Platinumz paid to collabo with Ne-yo, Rick Ross

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Tanzanian Singer Diamond Platnumz has finally revealed one major difference between himself and other artists which has arguably placed him miles ahead of his counterparts in the East African music industry.

While many consider the singer to be a massive talent who has earned every ounce of fortune that has come his way, Diamond has himself had to break his back, and bank account to get to where he is today.

One notable achievement the boy from Tandale boasts is his ability to collaborate with international acts who are still hot in the game. So far, Diamond has extended his musical borders after making some good music with American Rnb superstar Neyo and rapper Rick Ross – two songs which earned him massive endorsement deals.

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But while his collaborations with world star names might look appealing, or even lucky, Diamond recently revealed he had to cough some serious amounts of money just to land the features. During a recent meeting between Tanzanian musicians and Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA), Diamond took the opportunity to lay down his case, especially after his recent tussle with regulatory body BASATA.

No one has ever doubted Diamond’s work ethic but the singer decided to put things to perspective by quoting the exact figure he had to dish out to foreign acts to get the chance to work with them. According to the singer, Rick Ross’s team did the song Waka Waka after Diamond coughed up $56,000/KSh 5.6 million while Ne-Yo, who has been associated with acts such as Kanye West, Rihanna and Trey Songz, bagged $104,000/Kes 10 million courtesy of the song Marry You.

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“I’ve done a project with Neyo and it cost me KSh 10 million.This is 100 percent true. The video I did with Rick Ross directly cost me KSh 5.6 million. I haven’t even told you what the whole project cost,” he explained.It has also been  learnt that Diamond is looking at a possible song with another bigshot – Former Young Money protoge Tyga, and word has it this could cost a whopping KSh 15 million ($150,000).

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