How to get youth empowerment jobs on the KYEOP website

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There is a growing crisis in Kenya of graduates landing into a no work offer society after being trained in their respective areas of specialty.

Many are reaping zero from their hardwork in school that has shocking revelations of highly learned Kenyns suffering in poverty ue to lack of chances.This is also increasing criminal activities depriving the country further.

The Government of Kenya, in partnership with world Bank, seeking a remedy for this, launched the Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP).

KYEOP aims at increasing employment and earning opportunities for youth aged between 18-29 years through various skills training and entrepreneurship support.

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The project, which was launched in 2016 will run till 2021, targets to reach over 280,000 youth who have an education background of up to Form Four.

The project is coordinated by The Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs (MPYG), through the Directorate of Youth Affairs (DYA).

The project has four distinct components, which are inter-linked and aim to reach youth directly and indirectly.

Youth interested to participate in the project will be notified as follows:

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  • A Call for youth advertisement will be placed on a national newspaper/s.
  • A copy of the advertisement and other updates will be placed on the KYEOP website.
  • The advertisement will be aired on selected radio stations.
  • Youth Field Officers of the Ministry of Public Service, Youth, and Gender Affairs at Sub-County level will visit various areas within the County to sensitize about the Call for Youth and assist interested individuals to fill out the forms and submit them online.

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