Adelle Onyango reveals she’s also Wilkings Fadhili victim

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Wilkings Fadhili is the talk of town after he was exposed for conning many people, especially celebrities.

Celebrated Radio Queen Adelle Onyango  Wilkings  has revealed that Wilkings Fadhili lied that he had met her, which was a total lie.

During the Morning Kiss with Adelle and Shaffie, Adelle revealed that her management had to call him because he was alluding that he was managing her.

“This guy did the same with me, Janet Mbugua, Victoria Rubadiri, Larry Madowo who was the one who came out. When I found out what he had written about how he and me met which of course was a lie, I just decided to handle it offline.’She said

Adding that,”My management called him and told him to take down that post because he was alluding he was managing me, which is not true and he took down the post but he didn’t put up a retraction. On Saturday morning, Larry got online and warned people about getting conned using his name.”

It was initially highlighted the embarrassment he was subjected to when TV journalist Larry Madowo trashed his credentials by accusing him of being a fraud. From then onwards, a lady, presumably one who has history with Wilkins, led an online onslaught on the lad where several allegations of fraud were made against him.

Madowo took to social media to warn his fans about Wilkings, making it clear that he will take legal action against him.

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“WARNING! I don’t know who this individual is and I’ve never met him. I’m taking legal action so don’t get conned using my name,” Larry warned his fans on Twitter.

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