How a mkokoteni rider was tricked to transport dangerous Latema explosive

Nairobi CBD around odean has just survived one of the most dangerous explosives.

Latema Junction was hit by a sudden explosion which has been confirmed to be an IED explosive.

One person has been injured following the attempted attack.

From the on site report and people who witnessed the explosion, a mkokoteni rider was hired to transport a small box by unknown person. What followed was a loud explosive which left people running for their lives.

The police have not yet identified the real target but from speculations the explosive was targeting the matatus around the area.

This incidence comes only days after the US embassy warned it’s citizens to avoid crowded places.

The police have begun investigation to find out the motive and nab the attackers who hired a mkokoteni rider.

This comes only few days after the Dusit attack which left 21 people dead.

Let us stay safe and keep the alert eye sharp, remember to report any incidences to the nearest police station.


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