Governor Waititu Truly Smokes Weed!!, Watch this Shocking Video

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu is one man who seems not bothered by what people say or think about him. Despite being a County Chief, he continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

From running battles with County askaris to suggesting that rivers be moved instead of brining down buildings, Waititu seems to thrive on controversy and enjoys every bit of it.

Just days after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko sensationally claimed that he used to smoke bhang with Governor Waititu, a video has emerged online of a seemingly angry Governor Waititu kicking a civilian who covered his sight using a placard.

“I think Waititu is another mad man. Sonko is not even mad. I want to tell my brother Waititu that we did a lot of drama when we were MPs. We threw stones. Waititu stole a lot of land in Embakasi. I punched walls, I slept on the roads…but it is time to portray quality leadership to the electorate,”

“He used to smoke a lot bhang when he was MP and I am a witness to this. We used to go to a certain toilet there…in fact, he was hiding it in his socks. I am a witness as I used to smoke with him. I stopped smoking but he is still smoking even as a governor,” said Sonko.

Sonko’s claims could now be taken serious by Kenyans after this latest video of Waititu kicking a civilian who seems to be a blogger as they were taking part in a “Responsible Blogging Campaign.”


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