Change of Tact? Explosive Device At Latema Road Was Meant For One Public Service Vehicle

Fear and anxiety has this evening hit Nairobi after an Improvised Explosive Device went up in the CBD at Odeon along Latema Road. According to Nairobi’s Regional commander Philip Ndolo, two people have been reported injured.

Witnesses account show that the explosion took place after a was handed a package by a stranger. Police and Bomb experts are already at the scene as they launch investigations into the unfortunate incident.

It has also been alleged that the said package could have been meant for a Public Service Vehicle situated around the Odeon bus stop.

Below is a Detailed Witness Account on the Same.

Brian Obuya: There could have been intentions to ensure the explosive device got into one of the vehicles around Odeon. Police are at the scene carrying out investigations #GetTheWholeStory @DuncanKhaemba

— ktn (@KTNKenya) January 26, 2019

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