VIDEO: Wahu Speaks on collabo with Timmy T dat


Kenyan  Gospel Artist Wahu has spoken on whether a collabo with Timmy T dat is a possibility.

The Singer was on Mseto East Africa Interview when she responded to a question thrown in to her by a fan.

Can you do a collabo with Timmy T Dat?

Wahu tried to dodge the question but mentioned that she has never thought about it before.

She settled for ‘ you never know what can happen’ a response that left some of her fans in suspense.

There has always been a debate on whether secular artists can sing alongside Gospel artists.

Although some Kenyan gospel artists have released songs with secular artists  different artists have different standards and principles.

The journey of the Kenyan artist Wahu into salvation has taken root ever since her transition from secular to gospel music.

Wahu recently shared that for so long getting closer to God  was one of her greatest desires.

The duo both have a great sense of talent and their music hits on to their audience as desired.

What do you think of a Wahu- Timmy Tdat collabo incase they would work on a song together?

Watch full interview Courtesy Mseto East Africa





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