Kenyan Singer Wahu speaks on slaying the corruption monster



Kenyan Gospel Artist Wahu has joined in the war against corruption amid the frustration that Kenyans are going through.

The Singer says that many people have been complaining and pointing fingers but for her she wants to be part of the solution providers.

Wahu said that she is currently working with a team on an initiative that launched  their campaign against corruption in the country.

This serves as a good example to the rest of the Kenyan artists and citizens  that they can join take up such initiatives or show their support.

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Under their project, the main aim is to kick out corruption in the country. Wahu believes that it is possible to end corruption only if people unite and take up responsibility.

The singer also says that multisectoral initiative against corruption   has brought together  religious leaders,private sectors, civil society, women and youth leaders.

Wahu also says that she is the coordinator of the secretariat that is running the project.

Her main concern is the frustration that Kenyans are going through, she mentioned on  the fact that many Kenyans cannot access proper health and education services.


During an interview on Mseto East Africa, Wahu also added that the cost of living is not in any way favorable to Kenyans and  all this traces back to corruption.

She also encouraged Kenyans to chip in where they can so as to deal with this monster’corruption.’

Here is her full interview courtesy Mseto East Africa

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