Ghanaian musician Budukusu share his worst experience in Kenya

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Visiting Ghanaian artiste Budukusu may not come back to Kenya after he had one of the worst experiences ever.

Reports indicate that Budukusu was attacked by a swarm of bees in South B, where he was living.

While speaking in an interview he said, “I was in South B, exploring the place, and all of a sudden a swarm of bees came flying in my face.”

Quata Budukusu with Wyre

He further added saying, “They even bit my back and my face so bad. I haven’t run that way in my life. It was a crazy experience and I was told to go to the hospital because people told me Kenyan bees are dangerous and I would die.”

Budukusu is currently in Kenya promoting his new song ‘Sangolo’ with Kenyan artiste Wyre.


While speaking about his song with Wyre he said, “I met Wyre in a previous visit to Kenya and liked the kind of music he does.”

Budukusu first made appearance on the music scene with his debut Wonie album produced by Hammer of the Last Two. He later followed it up with Concert.

The debut gave him the admiration of Ghanaians as the fastest twisting rapper in Ghana, and have since then recorded with several international artists and have recorded hit songs both in the Ghanaian local language and English.

He currently have a distribution deal with VPAL music, Quata Budukusu has set a world record by recording 13 songs on one Riddim Dubbed the Quantum Riddim Which was released via VPAL Music on 18 August 2017 and he also recorded a song with Gully Bop titled Grateful.

Quata Budukusu signed a three year distribution contract with New York based VPAL Records which also includes the distribution of his albums.

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