Otile Brown to spoil his fan with Lavish Birthday

Kenyan artist Otile brown has promised to treat  his fan with a memorable birthday.

A vocal fan expressed her desire to celebrate a birthday differently this year and asked Otile if he could chip in.

The fan said that she will be celebrating her birthday on Saturday and from her  previous big days she has never got the privilege of even getting  a cake.

The lady also gave her reasons saying that ever since she was born, her parents have never afforded to buy her a cake.

Otile on his end pledged to send her cake money on Friday ahead of her special day.

He also wished her a happy birthday and encouraged her that all will be well.

Celebrities in most instances come through for their fans and this kind act by Otile Brown is indeed impressive.

In another incident where a celebrity  came through for their fan is when Davido had to refund belongings of a woman was robbed during his concert.

Although this was on the extreme end I bet it still counts. Davido also promised to fund her medical care after she claimed that  she was assaulted.

“I lost my phone,my ATM card and all my money all because you couldn’t pause the show and see that your fans were dying. A grown man groped me, inserted his fingers in my vagina and continuously beat me up. I fell down on broken glass and you just continued” reads tweet in part.

The Nigerian Singer also sent out his apologies over the incident. Still in his generous mood, Davido also hinted that he will help a man replace his phone after he made a humble request.




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