The Govt is Building an ultra-modern house for family of RECCE Squad Soldier Killed at Riverside Terror Attack

The National Police Service is building an ultra-modern house for the family of fallen RECCE squad official who was gunned down by terrorists at 14 Riverside Drive last week.

Japhet Nuru, is one of the 21 people that were killed when terrorists stormed into the building and started shooting in an event that brought the world to a standstill. Japhet was one of the security detail that responded to the call of help.

IG Joseph Boinett confirmed that the service is building an ultramodern house for the family in the deceased’s rural home.

“We are even building a house for the family and this is being done by the National Youth Service who are undertaking the work,” he said, “the family has no problem at all in the burial arrangements.”

Boinnet further added that the government will take care of all the funeral expenses for the fallen soldier. His body will be transported by Helicopter on Friday.

“We are catering for all the funeral expenses of this gallant officer who died in the line of duty as per our Service Standing Orders,” Boinnet told a local Daily

“I’ve given orders that the body is taken home by helicopter on Friday and I’ve planned to personally attend the funeral on Saturday. CS (Fred) Matiangi is also planning to attend.”


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