Painful memories as the doors of Dusit open for tenants & guests for entry after the attack

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How long do you think it will take the victims of the horrible Dusit D2 building explosion to heal from the traumatic experience they wen’t through during the fateful siege?Well this is a phase in life that will be critical and necessary for them as the investigators have finally opened the door for the public to enter the building.

Police Spokesman Charles Owino said the complex will be open to tenants and guests who were at the premises on the fateful January 15, 2019, when five gunmen blasted their way in, killing 21 people.

Motorists whose vehicles were trapped at the 14 Riverside Drive complex, which was hit by a terror attack last week, have been allowed to pick them from Tuesday morning.

It will be a week since the incident happened and the dusitD2 was closed to the tenants.

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More than 700 people were rescued from the complex that has office blocks and hotel.There is no guarantee that a whole load of memeories will flash back if they make a comeback to the badly hit building now full of sorrowfull stories.

Three suspects in the list of most wanted terror suspects on Monday surrendered to police in Isiolo County, their parents claiming they were innocent and in danger.

They are Abdi Ali Kanchora, Boru Abdi Bidu and Ramadhan Wario Bonaya (alias Rasho).The detectives embarked on grilling them as soon as they presented themselves yesterday.

Do you believe they will be of any help to the police if they have claimed to be innocent already?

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