Why President Museveni is now the ‘Wisest President in Africa’


Ugandan President Museveni has today been lauded for being the wisest President in Africa.

What really earned him this titled? Well the President today banned sports betting in Uganda.

An activity that is pretty common and has become a tradition in most countries.


The President has barred the issuance of new licences to sports betting companies and renewal of existing ones when they expire.

A move that has been equally criticized and praised and now some Kenyans believe that it is right if the same is implemented in our country.

Some men have supported the ban saying that these days even watching football is not fun anymore…Everyone in the hall is busy live-betting on their phones. They watch their phone more than they watch the match!

Some also mentioned that this is one of the best decision ever coming from the Ugandan President.

Do you support the sports betting ban?

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