Why always Migori? County in the news for all the wrong reasons again

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It seems being a Migori resident especially a woman is one of the 1000 ways to die. This is a county that has made a reputation of being in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent times?

First it was their governor who is now fighting to clear his name for the murder of his seven month pregnant girlfriend Sharon Otieno. Sharon’s mutilated body was found in a thicket in Kodera forest in September last year. Obado is also accused of having illegal firearms in his possession. He was recently heavily mentioned in a plot to kill one of his former close associates after they fell apart.

Migori lost its Senator in July last year. Their Women Rep also survived a deadly road accident and residents had to deal with rumors that a deadly STD called Jakadala had broken out in the county late last year.

That is a lot of tragedy for one region. But it seems the county will not stop to coat controversy as another tragedy has just been reported. A 35 year old man from Migori committed suicide on Monday morning after killing his wife.

Crime scene

Jack Marire from Central Kadem had some disagreements with his wife. The solution was to hack her to death and then commit suicide using a rope in a goldmine.

Confirming the incident, Central Kadem location Chief Hezron Odek said Mr. Marire on Sunday night attacked his wife, who was asleep, with a machete, hacking her several times.

She reportedly died while being rushed to Migori Level Four Hospital while the man’s body was later found hanging inside the goldmine in what is suspected to be suicide.

Please let us pray for Migori.

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