The Making of Diamond Platnumz; his first manager speaks


Diamond Platnumz first manager Papaa Misifa has recently revealed what it was like to work with the artist and how he supported his career.

His First manager mentioned that the artist did not know how to sing and therefore he was forced to shelve his career for about two years.

The popular record label owner says that Diamond used to sing rap music and according to him, it did not sound good enough.

Papaa Misifa also added that he asked Diamond to sing like a Tanzanian and not like an American.

Although it took time, Diamond changed his genre of music to bongo and his first song ‘ Nenda Kamwambie’ was eventually approved by the  manager.

Papaa Misifa describes Diamond as an extraordinary artist and  cannot be compared to other artists that he has worked with.

He also expressed how talented and determined he is toward his passion for music.

Papaa Misifa however says that the only backlash facing the artist is the drama around his involvement in women.

He also mentions that this is not a big deal as such since that is how life goes.

The former manager also added that one of the things that have got Diamond where he is, is his focus and respect for his music career.


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