“Do not ask for money this year” South African Rapper AKA tells family and friends


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Popular South African Rapper AKA has sent a warning to family and friends   who  ask him for money.

The Rapper made it clear that this year he does not have any money and therefore no one should ask that from him.

He also mentioned that he would really like to contribute but he does not have any money this year.

Although controversial, the artist went ahead to  address the matter that maybe he though of as a bother.

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In many instances we have heard of cases where people become fully dependent on others.

Although this might not be the case for the popular rapper, not many would be bold to make such announcements.

Fame comes with the money and this might have shocked some of his fans to imagine what he means by this message.

Meanwhile the year just got tough for a number of individuals. Would you make such an announcement?


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