Fena Gitu vows to fuel the music industry back to the International Map

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Fena Gitu has  shared her ambition in regard to the Play Kenyan Music agenda saying that they intent to put the Kenyans music industry back on the international map.

Other artists who have been vocal and shown their efforts in this campaign include; Khaligraph Jones, Vivian, Juacali, among others.

This campaign has  brought many artists together and the louder the voice gets, it brings us closer to the possibility of a transformed industry.

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Fena Gitu insists that the only language that they are preaching as artists this year is #PlayKenyanMusic.

The artists who are part of this campaign vowed that  they will not back down in pushing for their agenda, until all stake holders  are speaking the same language.

Already action is being taken by media houses as they restrategize  on how they can strike a balance as they support local music.

The Government of Kenya also assured that it  is keen on implementing solutions for socio-economic  and technological advancement of the nation through arts.

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