Joho to support Bahati’s Album Launch in Mombasa

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has promised Gospel Artist Bahati that he will support the launch of his new album in Mombasa.

Bahati has been in Mombasa for a vacation with her daughter and he then had a meet up with Joho.

The governor says that his intention is to purely support Kenyan music or artists rather.

He is one of the top leaders that has shown his interest in art by linking up with musicians.

The governor is known to be friends with Tanzanian Artist Ali Kiba and recently, he was hanging out with Willy Paul.

Joho also has his status as a youthful and energetic soul and his support for the entertainment industry is a good fit.

Although Bahati has not spoken on when this new album will be launched; seems like we will have to go down to the coast at some point this year.

Bahati in a previous post had promised his fans that with his 2019 hits, he will prove his status as the Kenyan Star Boy.

Seems like this will be a great year from the singer and of course generally the entertainment industry.

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