Inside Obado’s alleged scheme to eliminate his close business associate

Did you know that Migori Governor Zachary Okoth Obado a fresh probe into murder plot? Well, DCI officers have summoned a former close business associate of Governor Obado to record a statement about an alleged plot by the county boss to kill him.

Investigators are understood to have received an anonymous letter detailing a scheme by Obado and his associates to eliminate Jared Kwaga, who had close businesses dealings with Obado. The two have had a falling out, the reason is not clear.

“Yes, we are investigating this issue and hope to conclude investigations soon,” Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti was quoted by a local daily.

DCI officers are reported to have camped in Migori this past weekend and interviewed several people. They are expected to interview both Kwaga and Obado.

The Star reported that Kwaga has previously expressed fears for his life, even claiming that unidentified people had been trailing him in unmarked cars.

Yesterday Kwaga confirmed the DCI had summoned him to shed light on a plot to murder him.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has gone to court seeking various orders against Kwaga relating to millions of shillings that he allegedly wired to Obado’s children abroad.

Migori governor Okoth Obado. /FILE

The EACC is said to believe the money is linked to fictitious contracts undertaken in Migori county.

In court papers, however, the EACC paints a picture of Obado and Kwaga as inseparable.

“Communications link analysis indicates that the governor is in constant communication with Jared Kwaga,” EACC said.

In October last year, Obado and his two aides were arrested and charged with the gruesome murder of his lover Sharon Otieno, who was seven months’ pregnant with Obado’s son.

Sharon, 26, was tortured, gang raped and stabbed numerous times, especially in the belly to kill the foetus. Her body was dumped in a thicket near Oyugis town in early September last year.

Obado, personal assistant Michael Oyamo and Migori county clerk Caspal Obiero were arrested and charged with double murder: that of Sharon plus her unborn baby.

Obado and the others deny wrongdoing. Obado also denies financial wrongdoing.

It remains unclear exactly what business dealings or other issues triggered the falling out between Kwaga and Obado.


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