Five stinking rich kalenjins you did not know

Image result for kalenjin hillsKalenjin’s list of billionaires is pretty brief and easy to remember. It includes individuals such as Moi and family , Biwott etc.

Moi and the familyImage result for moi family

Retired President Daniel Moi and his sons Gideon and Phillip own and control many resources which range from manufacturing, agriculture, education, real estate and many others. Their net worth is estimated to be over Sh300 billion.

Biwott’s familyImage result for biwott

The late Nicholas Biwott was a politician as well as an adept businessman. He owned a vast range of wealth in many sectors which include real estate, tourism, agriculture, energy, construction and many others. He also owned property abroad in countries like Australia with thousands of hectares of land. His family’s net worth is estimated to be over Sh110 billion.

William RutoImage result for dp ruto

The Deputy President receives a monthly salary of approximately Sh1.2 million. He owns various hospitality industry related companies and hotels like Weston in the country’s capital, Nairobi. DP Ruto is also a shareholder in the Amaco Insurance company limited, K24TV, and many other companies. His net worth is estimated to be over Sh30 billion.

BuzekiImage result for buzeki

The acronym ‘Buzeki’ is derived from his official name Bundotich Zedekiah Kiprop. He owns companies like Buzeki Group of Companies which engages in dairy products and transportation services under Buzeki Enterprises Limited that have contracts with the corporate organizations. Buzeki is said to have made his first billion during his 30’s where Forbes ranked him among the richest people in Kenya.

David LangatImage result for david langat

He is popularly known as DL. He is a Kenyan billionaire businessman who founded DL Group of companies which own many tea factories in the Rift Valley as well as in Tanzania.

Langat is thought to have paid a British firm, Rift Valley Corporation, close to Sh6 billion ($60 million) for a controlling stake, 99 per cent, in Mufindi Tea and Coffee Limited, Rift Valley Tea Solutions Limited and Kibena Tea Limited.

He is the brain behind the recently unveiled Sh200 billion Pearl-River Industrial Park at Plateau on the outskirts of Eldoret town.


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