Latest Polls Show that Uhuru is Overworking in Central Kenya

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Leaders from Central Kenya have lately been on a ranting spree with complaints that the President has neglected the vote-rich region in terms of development despite overwhelmingly voting for him and his deputy in the 2017  polls.

However, a poll conducted by Radio Africa Group poll in Nairobi has all but vindicated the President.

The telephone poll conducted on Thursday and Friday suggest that Nairobians believe Uhuru has not neglected Central Kenya in terms of development as alleged by some lawmakers.

Seventy-five per cent said Central Kenya has not been marginalised, only 23 per cent of the respondents said otherwise.

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Seventy five per cent of Nairobians surveyed, however, said Central Kenya is demanding too much from the President.

Twenty-four per cent said the region is not demanding anything out of the ordinary in development.

Despite the turmoil in the ruling party, Jubilee remains the most popular political outfit.

Forty-four per cent of respondents said they feel closest to Jubilee.

In a possible warning signal to ODM, the poll suggests that the popularity of the once-dominant political outfit could be diminishing.

Only 15 per cent of the respondent said they feel closest to ODM.

Six hundred registered voters in all 17 constituencies of the capital were interviewed. Nairobi is seen as the epicentre of Kenyan politics.

The poll had a +/- 3 per cent margin of error.

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